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The teachers in Year 6 are Miss Rigby and Mrs Rudd. Our learning support assistants are Miss Green and Mrs King.

You have brains in your head,

You have feet in your shoes,

You can steer yourself in any direction you choose!

- Dr. Seuss

Our theme this term is: Crime and Punishment

During this term we will be doing the following:

English: Writing and reading a range of genres - I know what you did last Wednesday - Anthony Horowitz

Maths: Number, Place Value, Arithmetic and four rules

History: Crime and Punishment throughout history

Science: Animal including humans - circulatory system and healthy bodies including influential scientists 

P.E.: Street Dance and Outdoor Adventure

R.E.: Why do people believe in God?

D.T.: Making Burgers

Some inspirational quotes for year 6 -

Love Reading!


Multiplication Games

Maths Support

KS2 SAT dates

Username: student19527

Children will be given the password

Some good Year 6 revision ideas!

Click the link below for practical tips to support your child in the run up to SATs.

Kids Running

Reading Racetrack

Look out for our Reading Racetrack Challenge.

Read everyday for 15 minutes to an adult to reach the finish line!

Year 6 on tour!

What have we been up to this year?


Children used Animate Anything app to create these informative videos...

Useful Documents

(Click to view attachments)

Parent's guide to grammar

Properties of shape

Maths Prompt

Word class

Grammar Glossary

Spelling, Grammar and 

punctuation glossary

Bus Stop method

of division

SATs Papers - 

Spelling Booklet

Arithmetic Paper

Reasoning Paper A

Reasoning Paper B

Reading Booklet

Reading Answer Booklet

Useful Revision - Please look at links above for more revision papers.

What should my child be able to do in maths?

Spellings 1

Spellings 2

10 minute reading comprehensions

Reading comprehension answers

Grammar Test and answers

Arithmetic paper and answers

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